Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It Was So Good....My Soul Is Clean!

As an eight year old that grew up on the beach, I have always loved the ocean... The colours, sounds, smell and the flow of the waves and swells..... I was brought up in Johannesburg (far from the waves) but every two weeks I was on the beach sitting and watching my father catch the next big one....My Dad had a boat and fished competitively.

I asked for a board and my Dad wanted me to love the ocean as he did and saw this as following his steps.... We went to the board shop and I got my first board, it was a 6,1 flat fish board.... I spent hours perfecting the art of surfing or the basics that is, I got into the water at 6 in the morn and got out at 3 in the afternoon, I
began with the white water and shore breaks. I learnt to kneel, then to crouch... eventually I stood.... all the while being called all the names under the sun by the local surfers young and old (a world that is so closed if you cant shred or rip a wave, your nothing in there eyes, infact you are called a "Kook") One year later and I was shredding, ripping and airing to my hearts content, I gained respect from the "treble boys" up the north coast.I could surf 6 footers, to 10 footers, I was loving the waves and felt that I had a passion of a lifetime!

I happily went on, I got cut up one day by a kid that would not accept that I could actually surf as good as him and still be a "vaalie" He pulled a blade on me whilst paddling past me, I bled,paddled back to the beach, I climbed out, ran to the chemist and patched my self up, I got back in the water and surfed the best pearl one could imagine, he paddled back to the shore!

I continued to surf, sometimes alot and some times there was a break for six months,

I yearn everday for the water....

Im 34 today and have my own business, its hard to get to the water, but I had a holiday this December that my mates and I had been planning for a year... some of the mates were the "treble boys" We were going to surf all the digs we could get our boards into from Jeffreys Bay to Cape Vidal, we had booked hotels and bed and breakfast spots for the whole trip..... every holiday of travel to Europe or Dubai or the States would never compete with this one we were about to enjoy, this was going to be it, I had one whole month of water and waves!

We flew to Port Elizabeth had two Mercees Vitos (vans) waiting for us, all 14 of us with wives and girlfriends,packed the boards and kit into one van and cruised together in the second.....

The next morning I was at super tubes.... man I cannot explain to you how beautiful the water looked, glass on the front and bashing on the back.....

I had not for over two years been in the water, sure I grabbed a board when I was in the Maldives, but the waves were waist high and really pathetic on the Kani island that is, but not like this, I had six of my mates paddling next to me, the sun was just a ray of light at 5 in the morn, we were on another planet.....

I just cannot explain to you how my soul was smiling, I was so fucking happy, nothing on earh could make me smile like that.. it was Gods gift to me, he let ride his water... I had one of the toughest years of my life, a year that made me hard and bitter, I was here right now in the water cleaning my soul.....

Man that first wave was my ultimate..... it just lifted my spirit, the stoke was all I wanted!

We cruised the coast for a month together and what a month it was, we surfed, we laughed, we tasted the good life, it was just so beautiful!! The Stoke was on and it was good!

I came home and have given up smoking, I am now training every night at gym in the pool, i am going to take my surfing seriously, it is good for me, and whats good for me is good for the business....

I am going to surf my dream wave in three years.... be it Mavericks, Hawai or just a good barrel in Indo, im going to do it and I FUCKING WILL!!!

My hearts yearning for the big water... I will train and train hard.... I will get there!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Right........ The Little Bugger is Back

Heeeeeeellllloooooo all my wired mates!!

Okie doke just got back today from one month of bliss and the best break ever.... I have been a tad naughty and not wished all of you merry and happy... However I have an excuse and I do so wish you understand....

I spent a month surfing every dig and beach I could get my hands on, I surfed dogs and pearls and barrels and very sweet ones..... Remember its my passion. I went from the J-Bay to Vidal up north, yep almost 2000 kilometers of coast line.

South Africa is one of the very few places on earth that is made for a surfer. I will tell all of you tomorrow, right now I have to crank my business up again and get all cylinders burning... Oh and I gave up smoking... yep Pack of 20 Camel filters a day for 18 years... Im cruising through the cold turkey... I will not be beat by the sticks! Day 14 and no puff!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Short and Sweet

Heard this and its been on my mind the whole week.... it describes everything about love ............


Respect bloggers and just a special mention to those kids that are in blogger land, if you have a single Mom or Dad, give em a break they are trying there Godamn best!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Gangster In A Uniform

My my my... I do wonder about South Africa and all these corruption charges levelled against the powers that maybe!

Let me start this rant by asking one simple question! You want to drive a luxury car? You so desperatly want to live in Sandton and Parkhurst? Yet you behave like you have just walked out of Mozambique! "We are not like the rest of Africa, we are the Switzerland and the Mecca of Africa"....ummm.... in a way, you are right.... *** Ding Dong** CRAP!!! Your behaviour and unethical manners are what reminds me of deep Africa.... so lets get to it shall we Mr Commissioner of The South African Police Service!

You carry the arms of a policeman who serves and protects the innocent, the public hounour you and respect you, the uniform you wear is on "loan" from the people of this beautiful country, we gave you the title to rid us of the beastly criminals, we sleep at night and let our kids play in the parks with the thought that we have chosen the right DEfender of the people!

So Mrrrrr Comissioner sit up, get that fat belly off the chair and listen up....

1. You had coffee with the biggest gangster in South Africa.... Twat!

2. You are or had driven a car (an expensive one, no actually a fucking expensive one) that was stolen and recovered.... Twat!

3. You Threatened one of South Africas leading "private" authoroties on safety and security..... Twat!

4.You were telephoned on your mobile from one of the prime suspects in the Kebble murder and only five minutes after he was shot to death..... Twat!

So there we have it..... you lump of corrupt lard! I am so embarresed to be a South African right now.... You ever ask your self what the people of the world are thinking of us right now? We are a just another example of a failed system in the realm of a continent that cannot even feed its own people... well perhaps they think we are on our way to this develish way of ruining a beautiful country!

Resign and let the country spare this embarresment! Come clean, you are a criminal and thats the way we see it.... I had coffee with Gaddaffi yesterday and the world thinks im a terrorist.... thats just the way it is!

Well done Commissioner! Cheers abound for your wonderful stroke of genius at ruining what ever hope we had left at restoring the balance between good and evil in this here South Africa, land of the the rainbow!

Friday, November 17, 2006

God Was There That Day, He Made Sure!

I was asked by a fellow blogger after posting the piece about my love. She asked where we met and I thought it good to let Blog Land and all you great people know. It was the last place one would imagine, the story of the meeting has some laughs, a little tears and a big fat kiss at the end! So settle back, grind some coffee beans, light up a smoke and let me tell you of the most amazing encounter........

Now we all know that I had a career in the Police Force here in South Africa, after the new government took over and the despotic ignorant apartheid government departed. I was dog handler and was really good (if I may say so) at my job. Dog handlers in South Africa are few, as the training is really intense, we were as a result given the best reaction and speed cars, and had all the equipment we could dream of. Most dog cars carry two up and each of us would have a dog on the car with split kennels where the back seats are.....

The day was a warm summers afternoon and we were opposite the mall at a robot on our way to find some stolen cars in the town ships, we had two ladies run with tears screaming "They are robbing the bank"

We kicked into gear and turned to see the get away car... first thing to do is radio for back up... done... lets get the car there, we loaded our weapons (now in South Africa we have to carry heavy rifles of the automatic kind,we had to, we were up against the AK47 family) load up.....

Too late... here they come, they saw us and then all hell broke loose!! We pulled the car in and got out, with a hail of rounds coming our way,we got the dogs out and with all the training Shadow and Rufus knew to lay at the base of the tyres whilst we tried to work some steam the shooters way!

The issue came that this was peak lunch time and the parking lot in front of the bank was awash with civilians, worse yet a bus had just dropped kids from school off....

We took the shots and kept taking the heat.... we were trained to make ourselves availabale for the killing and not return fire...

It was mayhem... the car was taking some serious damage.... they went on foot and we followed... they made the mistake of going into the brush next door to the banking mall, we had our chance and took the fight to them, Shadow and Rufus took there victims down like pro's, this was just a feast for them... we made three arrests and then turned to make sure there were no fatalities at the bank, we had a lady shot in the leg... back up arrived and the hunt was taken up by the rest of the local station guys...

We had done really good... we had foiled this attempt, lost a car that looked like a shower head!

We had the top ranks visit the scene and declare we had acted within the interest of the publics safety.... we actually got a rating for this stint....

Got home and was happy with the result, gave shadow a fat big steak for the great job done.

Woke the morning after and read with absolute horror the front page " Police Dog Handlers Shoot Aimlessly At the Public" written by my future love! Fuck that she is going to get it from me! I had seen her at scenes as the papers crime reporter and had not ever liked reporters,saw them as vultures getting the scraps from us!

Off to the offices of the paper... "what shit are you writing about us, did you bother too see the report of the duty officer, we nearly had our calling from g-d that day?"

All arrogant she ignores me... fat chance... I left with steam in the reception area!

Two weeks later, get a call from my Dog Unit Commander...... get to the office and see Miss "Write Lies" sitting there talking to my superior. This is big rubbish!

Cookie Monster you are to take Miss Journalist and work with her for a month on your car... "Ummmmmm Sir, you are joking arent you, but I dont even like her, she lied" Rank responds " Thats the point, she needs to see what you do" "Ummmm, no Sir that aint gonna happen on my beat" " Yes it is Cookie Monster, or you can go and hand your dog back to the police and leave your badge and weapons there on my desk" Fuck Fuck Fuck was all I thought!

So here I was and she arrives for night shift in a white long sleeve shirt, why dont we just make ourselves a target?

So we leave the unit and get on the road... Shadow is sitting there in the kennel behind me looking at her, putting on his "Im a Fierce Dog" look!

Get a call on radio that a policeman in Alexandra (Township) has been shot and the suspect is in the brush.

Yep here we go, just the right job for shadow... Drove like a banshee and made her litteraly shit herself... got there and said for her to stay put with the other cops.... Got Shadow into the brush and after an hour of tracking found the little fucker!

Came back with the suspect to the car, handed him over and said we are outta here..... Miss Journalist was a whiter shade than the shirt she had on (under a jacket of mine, full of dog slobber, yea!!)

We drove a while and she asked if possible... "Can I get you a cup of coffe and talk, I need to make an apology"

As time went on I fell in love with this woman, she respected me and she fell in love with me!

She is an amazing woman, that just makes my heart flutter.. im at work and cant wait to see her tonight!

She gave me hope, she made me see that I was special and people love me, she backed me when I had nothing, she is my light and my way!

Its Nine years from the day I kissed her..... Fuck I love you Baby!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just Telling You Again..... I love Thee!

I wrote this post a couple of months gao, some you of read it an others not... yet my love has been overseas and I am missing her... this year has been a rather hard year and we have been apart alot with our business and travelling... so I thought that I would tell her again!

Its simple to me....

If you wake in the middle of the night and you look at her asleep and think in just a split moment that she is just the most beautiful creature you have seen and your hearts gets warm.... its LOVE!

I have been worried of late with some business dealings and have been awake most nights trying to get my head around my next move in the dark evil world of business.

She knows that I lay awake and I can sense that she feels my anguish... what makes me sleep some more in the night is knowing that people can take all your possessions and money for that matter, but one thing that they cannot get there hands on is my love that I have with her... its too deep!

I love her and will always love her... she is my north and my south, my bow and my stern, the sun and the moon, my sweetner for life!!!

The amazing thing is that I met her eight years ago in the last place one would imagine!

I know she will never read this as its my little diary and whatever I feel I write..... but if she ever did...

I know I would get a kiss!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh Heaven and Beauty

My Dearest Fellow Bloggers... I have been amiss... I know, naughty me... Well my reasons are really good....

I was in the Maldives with one of my customer channels... It was heaven... I mean I am so depressed that I am back at the grind stone. The plce was called Kani and its in the Big Blue just off the tip of India. So settle back and check out these pics...