Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Get Up! Dust Yourself Off!

Now I have been going through a liitle bit of hell of late. 6 months to be exact, it all boils down to sordid business..... it started a litte bit like this (must warn you that I will rant and rave towards the end and that the background to this post may be boring... but assure you that it will hot up)

I was head hunted in early 2003 to come head up a business that was involved in servicing the mobile phone market with product, I had been in this game for well over 5 years at this time.

So in I walked and was welcomed with a site that was chaotic to say the least.....this business on paper was in dire straits, so I put my head down, sat the owners around there idea of a boardroom table and laid out my three year plan to make this company the 1st to buy from in the mobile phone industry.... all was agreed that I would get ceratain "shares" and a package that would make most MD's smile..... I set off on the mission....

In mid 2005 I had reached the target and had made this company the "one to do business with" I had bled for over 2 and half years and not seen much of home never mind the fact that my personal life suffered to the point I gave up all those close to me, bar my love who stuck by me... I had created such value that the company was worth twenty times the capital injection it had taken to swing it into fifth gear.

I submitted the interim results for that financial year end and was told that come Feb 2006 I would receive the "agreed" incentive and the "paper shares"

February 2006 rolled in fast and I simply got fucked so hard my ass feels like it has had a yorkshire terrier living there for my life time! I immiditaly took on a "JOHN WAYNE WALK"

How do you actually tell the person who headed up your company and turned the business into a money machine that you would "like to push the deal to a future incentive" Fuck you!

How do you shake ones hand and say "we have all the faith in you to make this company turn around and go forward, and good luck" then when the time comes you change the deal... how the fuck do you look into my eyes and do that... my blood and guts are in that business, my life is painted on the walls, my staff are my family!

So I resighned effective immidiatly, they wre shocked....... DUUUUUUH!

I then went promtly to plan B, I went overseas and saw the suppliers to inform them that i had left the company that had sodomised me and shall be starting a new business again.... hold on let me say that once more......... START AGAIN!!! One agency said: do or die we are with you... cool thats just really great... I know had one of the most awesome products that one could ask for, the catch is I didnt even ask for it.... Theres the finger toupee fucker (he has other peoples hair stitched into his head because he has not one strand of hair on his head. How fucked up is that?)

I started the new business and then it happened I was summonsed and taken to court six weeks ago.... the application was brought against me for unlawful competition! Go and figure that one out... and it is a standing law. I had taken the "property of this company by signing the agency even after I resigned"..... its a crock! What on earth am I to do????

Toiled with the issue for ummmmm twenty minutes, picked up the phone and said Mr lawyer I need to have a boxing match!

The fight was on..... I went to court and was told by the the high court judge that I could be "Sterilised" what the fuck do I sound like?? A dog at the SPCA?? STERILISED???? Surely you cannot just take a seat in that glorified leather chesterfield and say that....

So it sounded like I was in the dog box after the case was heard... so 120K for lawyers fees for the day down and I am on the path to finding a new career.... my soul was very sore... I loved (note past tense) my profession and my industry!

So what do I do.......

I will NOT GIVE THE F...U...C...K UP!!

And I didnt... not for one fleeting second..........Yesterday the business I built and had screwed me over closed and I am smiling ear to ear..... I WON! The staff are coming to me as my loyalty to them will not be tested by any court, Judge or God for that matter and they are here now helping me grow my own business.....

Sooooo what did I learn from this.... take caution when deals are done... maybe.... get all you can in writing, I did, it just went amiss.... perhaps...... ummmmm nope none of those.

What I learnt is that one should never give up... NEVER EVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!


Blogger Revolving Credit said...

I like it....just had a situation where an affiliate company, who had poached some staff over the last while, has closed down.
We offered to buy the company as a going concern before it liquidates. All the staff were happy as we know them, they trust us and even a few staff who have found other employment have committed to re-join if we takeover.
Well one of the existing directors made a bid and purchased from the other shareholders....sounds great right. Well the staff don't want to return and the clients want to deal with us. Lets see if they liquated after all. It's all about how you treat the people who work with and for you.

19 July, 2006 16:12  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

You are 100% RIGHT THERE REVOLVING! Its the people who take the company to the next level.... well I have them all on my side of the fence now and have started building WITH them again.... You just get sharks out there, most people worry about the bank manager or the tax man...what we should really be wathching for is our own partners.... Sucks I tell you! One my business is built to wher it should be I am gonn atke a good chunk of the business and sead to the staff... loyalty is the holy grail in business.

19 July, 2006 16:20  
Blogger Champagne Heathen said...

Get EVERYTHING in writing!!
And it is actually the guys who are going to screw you over who know & live by this rule.

Principles be damned when you are better aware of the law than the guy you are dealing with.

I hope everything works out brilliantly for you in the long run!

20 July, 2006 08:45  
Blogger TwoFlower said...

wow - good on you and i like your attitude! determination is such a valuable thing to have!!!

i shall think of you whenever i feel like giving up just a tad!

good luck with your business - i'm sure it'll be a brilliant thing!

20 July, 2006 11:05  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Champagne...... I agree to extent, but the power of a partnership always lies with the guy that has the staffs lloyalty and who knows the industry best..... agreements are a farce if not done right, thats why I think both sides should take on two different lawyers and have it done best dfor both sides.... the bottom line is that happens every day and one just HAS to kick back and start again...

TF....I dont think giving up on any thing in life should be an option..... you have to suck it up and go on... when I was going through all of this nonsense and I suppose I am still going through it my father sat me down and said to me " Failure is when you are down on your knees and will not get up"

20 July, 2006 11:18  
Blogger Shortypam said...

ok it served the stupid fuckers right, you put your heart and soul into that business and essentially it became your baby.. what you did could be likened to stealing their clients/suppliers but that is not stealing my dear it is simply loyalty... obvoiusly staaff and the clients knew exactly who was boss and who knew thier shit and it was you.. that company deserves it, besides your success will be the best revenge...

21 July, 2006 09:50  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Shortypam.... Nail on the head... I didnt really steal (okay maybe) the agency.... but at the end of the day I did not steal the customers, I brought them to there business!! Now I am taking them to my business, they are welcome to continuewith the old.

Revenge is exactly what it is... to a tee!

21 July, 2006 11:35  
Blogger angel said...

very cool cm- i am LANK impressed by how you stuck to your guns!
thanx for visiting- i'll definitely be popping round here again!

21 July, 2006 18:15  

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