Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Miniature Cabbages

Now I must ask all that could or perhaps read this post, what is it with Brussel Sprouts? They are absolutely leathal..... I mean I really like the sprouts and they must not be too mushy, they have to have a dash of salt and one turn of pepper.

Why the heck did they call them Brussel Sprouts? I want to research this but I am feeling rather lazy right now. I think they were developed by the Germans as an extra measure to eridicate the rest of us poor sods if they lost the war.... even worse, perhaps that was there answer to the atomic bomb that the yanks had conjured up, explianed more in detail below, this folks will blow your hair back......... literally that is.

Now the other night I got the sprouts going but this time I steamed em in the chinese wooden effect thingies. So there they were being stemed and all was great. Got to eat the green balls of stomach gremlins.

I think they started there bomb runs about an hour later, the explosions were catastrophic! I inadvertantly fumagetd my home, no intention I tell you.

The morning after the cats were walking around like the battle of the landings had happened the night before, i could have sworn I saw the younger of the two cats building a bunker!

The point is girls and boys, these Brussel Sprouts are atomic and pack one swerving punch...... I Think they are really small cabbages. They are concentrated cabbages!!!! Phooo weee


Blogger muddlepuddle said...


Good Lord!

kinda like what onions do to my tummy BUT with me it's all wind no action!

Tomorrow I'm going to research these "gremlins of the tummy"

Will revert soonest!

04 July, 2006 18:19  
Blogger muddlepuddle said...


Check this out!
Take note of what they say about over cooking the fuckers!

05 July, 2006 12:43  

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