Monday, July 03, 2006

Warlords on our door steps???

Let me ask you all one simple question? HOW DO THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICEMEN AND WOMAN PROTECT THEMSELVES?? Its easy guys..... they dont.. tell you why, the laws that were passed whilst I was exiting the police (yes I was a policeman, fuck you I am proud of it!!!!! I shall explain another day) changed, the law makers made laws for the CRIMINALS! So laws were made for criminals by criminals.

When we were dealing with the wave of violence after the 94 elections that rapidly grabbed the nation we had a certain law that made us comfortable to deal with the violence, especially if it was turned on ourselves and that was section 49 of the criminal acts.

This law stated that we could draw our arms when we felt the situation was necessary, now we only drew our weapons (Muddle those are guns and not penises) that does not mean we used them ,we drew to make sure we could use more effectively, a second counts.... it counts all for your life!

Now if a guy has skipped the robot and we tested his plates and the car was reported stolen, we would pull the car over, thats if he really was a nice guy (that didnt happen often, actually it never did) but for the sake of my point lets say the guy pulls the brand new BMW over.

Cool, we were allowed to draw our weapons and point at the suspects in the car and we would be at ease with this law. This gave us all the sense of a gaurdian angel.

Today folks that aint allowed, basically the new law reads like this...... If a suspect draws his weapon and points it at you and shoots, then only then and wait for it.... only then..... may you draw your weapon and fire upon him, thats if he is not running away already, then you are to holster your weapon and persue him.

KUK, its all a load of KUK, we are not in Switzerland.

So I say to the the top dog of the SAPS, MR (Its not General as you did not serve your time to get those stars, fat man) you have blood on your hands, you have not taken the fight to the politicians and taken the rights of policemen and woman to the government.....

On Thursday you make a statement that all officers must wear there bullet proof vests, thats great, all said with a wide girth in your ivory tower.... what vests????? Are you that narrow sighted?? There are only 10 vests to every 100 officers???? Thats a crime and a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!! You should be punished by the war crimes tribunal, TUBBY!

In my tenur in the SAPS, I saw many of my colleagues fall in the line of duty, I was fired upon daily and ambushing of the SAPS was a common occurence.... I was repremanded on one such incident for using excessive force and haveing far too many magazines and weapons.... FUCK YOU Captain YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE... I had 4 AK,s on my ass!!! You sat in your office all day and just gained weight and fuck mate did you pack it on, I saw more fat on you than a butchers pencil!!!! We were falling and bleeding and all you did was curse us and say we were excessive. You are a disgrace!

This aint the last stoneI throw at the top management of the SAPS on this here blog.... mind you I may just continue the slating in the morn.

I leave all you folk with a couple of thoughts...... Is the SAPS top heavy??? Why are we paying taxes if the government of the day is not protecting us??? Is it not in the constitution that all South Africans have a right to be protected?? Is the Government abusing our constitutional rights??? If I had a couple of million in my bank account I think I may just take the lot to court and sue for a ridiculous amount.... perhaps 100 mil would make all sit up and TAKE NOTE, if I win I shall give all the money to the fallen heroes families!

There is blood on the streets.... Oh and all those SAPS members with rank... SOD YOU!!

My apologies, for the anger....


Blogger TwoFlower said...

i say good for you for venting about the lack of support the SAP gets from the government and th e public. i am so sick of hearing my friends refer to the police as 'pigs' - it infuriates me.

i would like to see my friends do what cops do on a regular basis (bribes aside here but thats because police receive a shitty income).

we live in a somewhat lawless society where men with guns rule the streets and its high time the government gave police a bit more help, in whatever way possible, in dealing with these warlords!

03 July, 2006 20:58  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Your cool.... I really think we need a woman as President and a woman running the police. Big shunt for the rank!!!!

04 July, 2006 10:24  
Blogger muddlepuddle said...

Man alive that cop left you irate!

I like the TUBBY descriptions I felt like I was looking at the red faced turkey necked fucker!

You're fucking right about that whole shoot only once shot at blah blah bullshit. What the fuck?

Dude let me tell you if some guy comes up to me with a weapon be it in his pants or in his hand I am going to get defensive and possibly pull out my aluminium baseball bat. Oy unless his bat is bigger than my bat? Then I'll get my kung fu on!

No seriously Cookie baby we hear you, we all hear you.

04 July, 2006 10:52  
Blogger TwoFlower said...

hmmm, i like the idea of a woman president except perhaps once a month there would be a meltdown of sorts! ha ha!

04 July, 2006 14:42  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Two Flower:Why a meltdown? I see that as a positive thing! Perhaps she would let the SAP members carry grenades again... ooh those were the days...... Then again she could bring love and passion back to the police and the woman president could seduce the G8 to give us more money for development.....

Two Flower we are onto something here!! I tell it could be big...

04 July, 2006 17:05  
Blogger TwoFlower said...

hmmm, you are so right...i think i shall place myself as a candidate for president.

the only problem is i do have an ever so slightly aggresive side which means i'll probably bring more war than peace - but i would use discretion so only the 'baddies' would feel the wrathe of 2flower! ha ha!

04 July, 2006 17:09  

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