Friday, August 11, 2006

I dont see the point?

Wow what a week... I have just read most of the blogs that are of interest to me and caught up... Muddle has been spicing her nose and Angels cat is taking over the household! Hee hee.

So being friday I have a cup of rich java and a smoke going and I am going to post, have not done so in a week... yep take a whip to me if you please!

This blog may get the wrong reactions from people but it will be centred around a lot of questions I have and I think 90% of the world has had for the better part of 40 years! Now before you go on and you have a rather sentimental way with regards to religion, rather go onto a blog that is all sweet and rosy, this one is gonna knock your goons for a six!


Now I am not totally versed on the exact happenings of the land of religion, political strife and blood shed of late, but I do know alot on the holy wars of the past, a heck of a lot. You see my father taught me of the holy wars and the thing that really struck me is that the English were at war with the French, the Spaniards were at war with the Turks and the Catholic church was at war with everyone (not much has changed really), yet they downned there swords sat around the table and set about shaking hands and hugging each other.... why?

They wanted to claim the holy lands back... and claim they did. Lion Heart led the last crusade and probably the bloodiest of all. The Holy land was back in the hands of the Christians. Good? Probably not!

Lets then fast forward.... the rounds are spinning off pine trees the English are pushing for the bulge, the Yanks are gaining momentum on the rise of the blanket forest mist, the King Tigers are bogged down and at the mercy of the Hurricanes dive bombing them. A pivotal moment at forging to the capital of the father land, which they did.... they then saw what atrocities the Germans had done to the Jews and promptly shipped as many as they could to Israel and displaced all the Arabs that had settled there. So what you may ask? Well the crusade coupled with the world at war was the flame to the fuel of todays troubles in Israel.

The fighting in Israel boils down (and boil is such an appropriate word) to one thing, and to me a really miniscule issue... land! The land we are talking about is the size of a football pitch!! What a fucking joke... an example of how man has not lost the ego he has so diligently tried to shake off.

The Arabs and rightly so claim that Jerusalem is there holy ground... The Jews rightly so claim Jerusalem is there holy ground.... the Christians, well lets see..... Aaaa they claim nothing! Nothing? Really? Thats strange.

So why do they claim nothing? Why have they opted for peace after say 300 years of misery in the Holy Wars? Fuck knows really... took a moment to suck on my smoke to give it a thought and what did come into my mind was, well, fuck all really!

And that folks is the BIG QUESTION!

I mean the Christians had Jesus crucified there, had all sorts of religious happpenings there a 100 years ago (note how I am just not great on the bible issue and events, in fact im rubbish)The land of our beginnings and the gospels and whatever else, but to most in the world, thats where Jesus spent most of his life (I think) Well he got murdered there didint he? And then took off into the clouds. Since then we have been killing and killing and killing!

My point is this, the Arabs say its there land, the Jews say its theres... the Christians have not said its there land... three religions that have a stake in the football pitch! Crock it is but a fact it will remain. Yet the Jews and Arabs are going hell for leather... what if and I mean a really big IF the Christians got all hot and bothered and decided to get the old gun out and start shouting that its there land, what then?

I will tell you what.... KAAABOOM!

I HAVE THE ANSWER, no Muddle I cannot walk on water!

Now lets say I was the Pope (I am going to have the mafia at my door come Monday after saying that,fuckit), I could have the RS4 kitted out to be the Pope Mobile....OOOOH FANTASTIC IT WOULD LOOK, crikey that would make for alot of saliva spewing in the streets of Rome, anyways back to the point.

I would push for the world that is dominated by Islam, Jews and Christians to accept that Jerusalem does not belong to ANYONE!! Ha lets say that Again.... anyone! See it makes sense.... what the UNO and the security council should do is cliam the land a neuatral state that is governed my the UNO. Now this is where the problem in my mind just dissapears.

They will stop in mid battle like two scolded children and say.... but... we... ummm...we.... sorry... we.... just... you know.

Yes we know you sorry, you have done some aweful damage to the Holy Land and to your selves ,so please stop treating it like a war zone, its HOLY for fuck sakes!

That people is where I see the issue...



Blogger Revolving Credit said...

Maybe his royal Popeyness is just being clever. Why have 3 factions fight over this piece of real estate. Stay out the game for now. Let the other 2 groups kill each other and when they're all down and defeated come in and just take take the land back and neither of the other 2 factions will have any energy left to resist. Cynical maybe , but make for a damn good battle plan.

14 August, 2006 14:44  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Thats a fantastic idea RC.... think theres some Montgomery in you there mate!

14 August, 2006 19:24  
Blogger angel said...

deeeeep breath cm!
as my daddy darling sometimes says: peoples is peoples, and peoples is peoples, and the other leg is also yellow!

14 August, 2006 22:21  
Blogger Dawn said...

I have no opinion about any of this as I just don't understand the whole thing - politics and me - just don't go together. What I do know is that I support PEACE - that's all ... the world is spinning out of control and sometimes I feel like our lives are made up of nothing more than hanging on for dear life. People, anywhere and most everywhere dinkum seem to have lost the fucking plot - completely. If one less person dies today in the name of this senseless crap - then it has been a better day than yesterday ... for what it's worth - that's the sum total of what I skeem.

15 August, 2006 06:01  
Blogger Katt said...

Cookie Monster for President! Or should that be Pope?

15 August, 2006 15:32  
Blogger spoon said...

"it's HOLY for fucksakes!" LOL! he he he. Good solution me says! Only the thing that gets me is - is there no 'ding ding ding' going on when 3 major religions have the same holy land? Would it not be a thought to ponder whether they then perhaps possibly maybe are serving the same 'God' - or is it just a huge coinkidink that that piece of land is holy for all 3?

16 August, 2006 10:17  
Blogger Shortypam said...

cooks ur so clever, that makes alot of sense in my book (this freaky book i keep talking bout!!!! what the hell?)
i think u should run for pope, get it and go into the holy land, bless it with holy water then leave. both factions will declare the land "infidel country" and leave it alone. how's that?

16 August, 2006 14:37  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Hey there gang.....

Angel Im breathing let me assure you, yellow leg you say... hahaaaa, good one.

Dawn......What you skeem (loved that) is correct, the fact is that we have been killing over religion and it will never end! Im not even sure its all 100% accurate... we dont know for sure where all these religions came you said one life a day equalts to a really better day.

Katt.... you have in a way made me choose... now being a Pope comes with all the Hail marys and stuff and you have to be well behaved.... ummm naaah not for me thanks, I would be making the Nuns reconsider there oath or whatever it is they take when they get the habit.... now as a president.... ummmm.... oh yea!!! I would be a president.... could behave like a scoundrel and have a whole crew of "Monicas" around.... yea I like that!

Spoon.... liked your blog... pretty cool.... your on the button... we all know that Pius concoted the entire Christian faith with all its little quirps.... all religion just means death not peace as it should be!

SP.... 10000000% is the thumbs up for that idea... LOL holy water!! Hee Hee....

18 August, 2006 14:16  
Blogger TwoFlower said...

where are youuuu? you seem to have disappeared!

28 August, 2006 15:29  
Blogger Dawn said...

Howzit, China ~ Just popping in to see how you are doing? You've vanished off the radar - hopefully all good things keeping you busy.

28 August, 2006 19:27  
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