Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lord Have Mercy On Our Testicles!

So lets really dive into the formidable Audi RS4. I really need to share this with you so you can see why my , so check out the pics first and then scroll on down to the stats!!

The car has soul and makes all machines in its calibre, not that there are many, stand aside and say "We are off to the tip"

Audi RS 4 opens up and becomes more versatile

27 Feb 2006
Audi's drive for the ultimate expression in performance machinery continues with the pending introduction of two new additions to the RS 4 range at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.
Whereas the RS 4 sedan has set new standards for ultra-high performance saloons, Audi is now introducing the same performance and technology into the Avant and Cabriolet body styles.
The RS 4 sedan will be launched in South Africa in May this year although at this stage there are no confirmed plans for the Avant and Cabriolet.
Whether in sedan, Cabriolet or Avant, the RS 4 has numerous new features to distinguish it. Most notably, there is the high-revving V8 engine with an output of 309 kW.
With this 4.2-litre FSI equipped engine, it is the first time that a manufacturer has combined petrol direct injection with a high-revving concept and engine speeds of up to 8,250 rpm are possible.
Another highlight is the suspension with the latest generation of quattro® permanent four-wheel drive and Dynamic Ride Control. The Cabriolet and Avant have likewise been subjected to a rigorous regime of weight reduction measures to make sure that they are equally sporty.
Even though the engineers have systematically applied lightweight construction principles, all RS 4 versions feature luxurious equipment that singles out the Audi RS 4 as a high-performance vehicle suitable for everyday driving.

Audi translates the engine's power into locomotion in typical style: the latest generation of quattro® permanent four-wheel drive, which featured first in the RS 4 saloon and offers an asymmetric/dynamic torque split of 40 (front axle) to 60 (rear axle) in conjunction with the self-locking centre differential, is one of the main reasons why the RS 4 is still able to provide traction when other drive concepts have long since reached their limits.
quattro® drive is further enhanced by the DRC suspension system (Dynamic Ride Control), which significantly reduces the rolling and pitching movements of the vehicle about its transverse axis and rear axle


Blogger Shortypam said...

weel, i dont have testicles can the lord please protect my boobies??? i like the car, really impressive there cookie...

03 August, 2006 15:57  
Blogger angel said...

WOW... uttered in a very reverant whisper

03 August, 2006 16:07  
Blogger Spookie the Warrior said...

aaahhh now that is beautiful.

03 August, 2006 16:16  
Blogger Dawn said...

Ok - I have to confess ... can fully appreciate the pics and the passion ... but the blurb falls into my 'boy thing' category so I didn't read it all. My hubby LOOOOOOOVES these cars as well. We travelled from the North to the South of Belgium in a rented A4 and I have to admit - it felt very sexy indeed.
Thanks for popping in ... my heart is so always there broe - and I hope things get better and better there - I really do.

03 August, 2006 16:22  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

SP: It is greay huh? Boobies yep I shall sneak that in on the next post, chose testicels to run on from the last post, mind you I am still looking for em!

Angel: Ah you see its got soul, makes you just shudder, innit?

Spookie: Hello There, now it is a WOW! But let me really wow you..... when you push the sports button(has normal mode, which is kick ass any way) the seats start to pull you that much tighter in, there are flaps in the exhaust pipes that swivel open and that when it gets it big balls and grunts!

Dawn: Soory abt the blurb... thing is I left off from my last post and thats still a mystery as I cannot find my testicles! Now take that A4 you drove and add ummmm lets see.... about 30 times the power and you have the monster RS4! Crikey those rouad must have been the bollocks!!!

03 August, 2006 19:07  
Blogger Shortypam said...

well u better hurry up and find em cooks!!!

04 August, 2006 08:47  
Blogger Katt said...

Ooooh! Shiny thingie! Does it come in 4 x 4? By the way, I have e-mailed your URL to The Viking - he will do the technical reading for me, Audi nut and all. Sorry, I am involved with a mechanic, I get force fed technical stuff every day.

04 August, 2006 09:26  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Katt it does have 4x4... and its called such a deliciuos word... QUATTRO, its stick to the road like Sadams dirty rods as the first yank bobm hit his place!

SP: if you are by any chance at corners Rivonia and 7th please look for em... they should kinda be shrivled by now.... in fact I would look out for raisins.

Muddle: There is no comment here so I am now pissed at you.. considering you will be the only one of all the fantastic bloggers that visit my blog to actually have a drive in the chariot of thundering SPEED... note to self.... only as passenger... hee hee

04 August, 2006 19:47  
Blogger Dawn said...

Everything ok - where d'you get to?

09 August, 2006 15:48  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Hey there Dawn, I have been hellishly busy getting rid of all the old Karma with my old business and today we sign all the agreements to leave each other alone.... that shall be a blog for later today or tonight!

10 August, 2006 16:17  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for the visit and best, best, best of wishes China - putting the hard karma behind you is good - hope you grow from strength to strength.

11 August, 2006 18:59  
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