Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Then Go Home....

The Monster is back, I have been so hectic the last two weeks and missed all of you. I have been cruising and getting the business up and running and thought it best to let every one know that I achived the goal.... the prat sold to me for a pittance!! I have no more issues and all is settled.... business is great.

Todays post is possibly going to be a rant and again will centre around the holy land and all the fighting going on, we may border on the "terrorist" profile and some more. So here goes.

Yesterday on my way to a meeting I am listening to SAFM (I am not old, I just enjoy the debates etc) So here I am stuck in traffic and the debate is over the fighting in Lebanon, the stereo typing that we do with regards to the Muslim community (which is wrong) and the guest speaker is a yank that is an authority on terrorism and the middle east chrisis..... yummy he gonna get hammered in the next five minutes!! Poor bugger.

There you have it and they are off... the lines are open......the lights on the switchboard light up and every muslim guy is on the waiting list to be live on air and tell his side of the story, I have no issue with that... not yet that is.

So I continue listening and really enjoying what the yank has to say.... then something dawns on me.... these muslim guys (dont get me wrong I actually respect and
admire the muslim community and there religion, it stands for something right and morally good, the koran , which I have read is wonderful in its teachings) and they are bleating about the war in Lebanon and the wrongs that the Israelis and Yanks are committing against the Muslim people in the region.... hold on a second here.... what are you?? Are you a citizen of Lebanon, perhaps of Afghanistan, or maybe even Palestine?? Or are you a South African??

The arguments are irrelevant and why do we spend so much time talikg and arguing about these other countries that are at war with each other, myself included, I am also at fault!

We are South Africans.... it doesnt matter what your colour or religion is.... we dont care that you may wear a turbin or a karki shirt that says "ek is a boer" we actually dont give a FUCK! You are one of us.... you belong to the most beautiful nation on the face of the earth....we have a prayer as our national anthem, we have Nelson, the skies are blue, the people are the salt of the earth....When South Africa bleeds on the fields, we bleed... when our heroes cry, we cry... when we fight..we all fight and fuck me, can we fight... We are a nation of rebels (Virgin comes with a rebel brand and we just say what the fuck you taliking about... thats not anything like our blood)

We are a nation that has been on the battle field and we chose peace... we chose it because we know what it means!

So if you are a South African dont scream and shout when a fellow man half way accross the world that has the same religion as you dies at the hand of another..... fuck that....

Dont give your opinion to a war that has been raging for as long as we have breathed the air.... why dont you shout about our problems... the crime, the aids epedemic.... the fact that we are neighbours to a mad man... oh fuck but the list goes on and right now im overcome with boredom and cannot continue....

So pack your bags and fuck off back to wherever you come from and go fight there wars... We want true South Africans....Our war is against poverty, aids and crime.... so choose or FUCK OFF!


Blogger TwoFlower said...

hear bloody hear!!! what a great post...made me feel all patriotic again!! i agree, once a south african ALWAYS a south african even you do go running off the penal colony that once was!

you rock cookie monster! xxx! :)

31 August, 2006 10:46  
Blogger Shortypam said...

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31 August, 2006 14:05  
Blogger Shortypam said...

Thank god a voice of reason from the shadows. cooks once again... ur a genius... its about time we leave the freaks alone and concentrate on our countrie's problems and how we are gonna fix em, and if u are a saffa, then u stay a saffa, leave the other biz alone.

cookies 4 prez!!!!

wen i get my degree, im goonna work 4 ya!!! lol!!!

31 August, 2006 14:06  
Blogger angel said...

dude- i could NOT have said it better!

and thanx for the compliment on my page man, preciate it big time!

31 August, 2006 19:38  
Blogger Revolving Credit said...

Agree totally - if you don't wanna be here, fuck, leave. But if you're gonna stay, for gods sake, stop fucking moaning.
Do something about those things you think don't work or are wrong.
As the old saying goes: If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem.

31 August, 2006 22:25  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Hey there Gang!!

Flower Power.... thats precisely the point, we must be patriotic.... we have looked the devil in the eye and no one will take our peace away.

Porno Pam.... send your CV in the meantime.... im thinking of getting a porn site up and running, apparenlty the money you make is fantastic... need you to run it!

Angel... my pleasure... your Blog is the most interesting by far.... good luck with the op!

Hey there Reverand, too true, the solutions are always amiss, people shout off there gobs before they think....

01 September, 2006 12:05  
Blogger Dawn said...

Why don't you tell us how you really feel? lol - great post ... especially where you say how peace was chosen - so true - it's all a choice - everyone just unfortunately so under estimates the collective power, don't you think? Can you imagine the miracles that would be created if everyone stopped and actually chose peace over wanting to prove their point of view RIGHT? Mircales, I tell ya, Miracles would abound!

02 September, 2006 01:36  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Hey there Dawn... thats the point, we need to chosse peace.... war is a choice and as far as im concerned the middle east is fueled by just a couple of school boys that were not brought up correctly!

04 September, 2006 09:24  
Blogger Shortypam said...

curriculum vitea: shortypam

pam aka shortypam aka pornopam aka sexual chocolate aka moonch.

advertising, more recently, blogging and pornographic enterprise. (lol!!!)

languages: english, afrikaans and pillow talk.

hobbies: reading, watchin tv, having woderful sex...

previous work, blogging, shaggin my boyfriend, erm... waitressing in a bar and resturaunt, proffessional bitch.

note: i really wana be in the pornographic enterprise industry!!!!!!

ok cooks my cv, so do i get the job?

04 September, 2006 13:57  
Blogger Katt said...

I will drink to that! *raising coffee mug* Being South African is about being South African, regardless of race, colour or creed. I love my country just as much as you do and anyone who moans about it, well, shove off then!

All together now: Cookie Monster for President!

05 September, 2006 15:12  
Blogger muddlepuddle said...

Hi Cooks

So taking into account that you moaned at me for not commenting on your blog, I am taking full advantage of the insomnia I am currently experiencing and am catching up with everyone.
So here I am.

And yup I read your post and I here you and everyone else that followed suit in the comments but I have to say that something in me disagrees with you completely.

You are forgetting one very vital thing - for some (yes not all but some) of the people giving their 2 cents on this war it is actually closer to home than you can ever understand. They have family who have been directly affected by this war and that will always spark debate and passion reagrdless of where they were born.

I am a proud South African. I love this country with all its accomplishments and failures, BUT I have family on both sides of this Middle East war fence that are severely affected and let me tell you something my instinct to defend that and them and religion and a whole bunch of other stuff that people with no ties to either region can ever understand, kicks in.

Jews will moan about Muslim insanities. Muslims will yell about atrocities committed by Jews.
It is all understandable considering these people whilst living in their individual HOME countries have something in them that identifies with either Israel and Zionism or with Palestine and Islam.

In your previous posting you talk about how the war boils down to holy land - yup well there you go it's about religion. So what's so wrong with a South African Muslim getting upset about this war? What's the problem if a rabbi with half his family in Isreal gets upset with Lebanon over the airwaves?

Surely you can understand why these people feel so passionately about this situation that they're prepared to fight the war in their own way - with words?

I think it's a very quick,biased judgement to come to, and one that also stems from no cultural attachment to the situation, which basically means you havent given the argument a thorough thinking through. Put yourselves in the shoes of these people first before you decide who they are and what their opinions should and shouldnt be.

Trust me the mother who's son decided to join the Israeli army after school doesn't think her argument is "irrelevant".

One thing people not of Islam or Judaism can never understand is that there is a sense of community unparalleled by anything else on this earth,in this universe, so yes of course they are going to "scream and shout when a fellow man half way across the world that has the same religion as you dies at the hand of another". And I'm behind them 100%. It's more than politics to these people.

Whew that's my piece. Hope we're still friends cooks!!


08 September, 2006 01:23  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

I take your point and do respect the comments you have. I understand the pain and suffering of families stuck in the throes of this war... a war that has raged on for a 1000 years, and no doubt will continue for another 1000.

My frustrations revolve around the people who state there facts on the SA "airwaves" and slate all that is not Muslim or Jewish. I have a grounding on the holy wars of past and a keen interest in the wars that yes, the English and most European kings and queens started.. I know why it started and I know why it still previous post to this stated one fact that remains unanswered.... the Holy land aint really the Jews or the Muslims (my opinion, and an educated one at that)

The Christians may I remind you have stood around now from post WW2 and watched the mayhem that is going on in the Holy Land, a land that is just as much the christians as it is the Muslim and Jewish sects!

If I had to be really controversial... I would say outright that the Jews and Muslims have a long way to go in tollerating and respecting one another, something the Europeans have practised since the great wars, the wonderful thing is, SA has followed, not there yet but we are following the European way.

The War up North, Muddle, effects us all in the world and mostly SA gets hammered on the defecit that grows alarmingly by 3% per annum, because the dollar just gets weaker and weaker as time goes on with the war in the middle east. This kills mine and other businesses margins and the snow ball is unemployment that is the catalyst of crime, rape and murder in SA. So I disagree, the Holy war is VERY close to our hearts, closer than you think, the war in the Mid East was brought to the worlds feet in 2001!We did not ask for it, no we didnt, they chose to bring it to us! We are now left with a devasted world that is still trying to comprehend the effects of Jihad and all the crap that goes with it... dont get me wrong the Jews are not at fault with this "war" against the "Infadel" Its as though the fanatics live in a hollywood movie!

The harsh words that I am now going to say will probably be jaw dropping.... the Christian world is only there trying to make peace for one reason... hint***** its black and sticky and makes our cars go vroom vroom..... the sooner we find an alternative the sooner we (the world that is) can turn around and leave the Mid East to crumble! Do I agree... no I dont, but reality is a harsh pill to swollow.

Im a non believer?? Excuse me??? What the fuck? I belive in something greater than that crap, something that most just dont get, something greater than the Bible, Koran or Torra... PEACE, RESPECT AND HONOUR!!!!

Sorry Muddle you got me going... my five cents...

PS... my ass burns when people defend the Mid East and each other, when they dont even know the real workings of why they are really fighting!

We have the Knights Templar and the Catholics of the middle ages in Europe to thank, not Bin Laden or the Mossad!

08 September, 2006 14:22  

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