Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do They Have A Soul? I Know One Does

I am in my Thirties and will always remember band aid when I was a teenager.... the concert was on TV and one can still buy the CD of that momentous day in Hyde park 21 years ago.... the musicians of the world collected over 125 Million US dollars and it was all for the hunger in Africa.Remeber the lyrics???? "Feed the world"

So Im cruising the CD store on Saturday and pick up the latest to land on the DVD shelves.... Live 8 is the cover staring at me.... ummm looks really good, the bands are amazing and features over a 80 bands and musicians that would make you go dilly, all the best.

Bands and musicians such as...

Cold Play
Paul Mcartney
Pet Shop Boys
Velvet Revolver
Bon Jovi
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Will Smith
Snoop Dog
Annie Lenox
Robbie Williams

and the ultimate, Pink Floyd!

The list is just to cool and there are more, im just crap at typing and getting bored with thinking of all the names etc....

Rush home and get a cup of Java going, close the curtains and settle..... I place the first of five discs (yep folks five discs)

The beat starts and its Paul Mcratney and U2... starting at Hyde Park....huuuh....The stage is dressed with "Make Poverty History" Fuck me whats this all about (I know I am a compulsive buyer and get bored comparing prices and shit like that, I am way over hypercative and have been since I could walk)I didnt REALLY read what the DVD was REALLY about... perhaps I should now is the thought.

Grab the insert, Crikey its ten pages long.... It starts with Bob Geldof saying his piece..... this was the concert of all concerts... the MOTHER OF ALL BANDS STRUTTING THERE STUFF!

This concert was about the G8 in 2005 that met to decide the fate of the african countries that are starving, it was to have eight men decide who lives and does not live.... and the music world was telling them what they thought, two days before the concert! How great is that.

It gets better.... there were concerts being held in Germany, UK, SA, Rome,France and the US..... all at the same time..... Holy shit, this was a mass movement... I read more... this was not to collect money, it was to tell them and pledge all the names of people in the world that they have had enough of the starvation in the africa....

The concert ended with 2 billion pledges!!! Give me a stick that I may sodomise myself with its splintered end!!! The world was mobilising.....

I continued to watch and this is where it gets really emotional... I mean I sat there in tears, grown man, in tears (fuck you, I do cry)

The musicians were amazing Cold play started out asking the G8 "stop this madness"... Placebo... "please do something"

There were 30,000 africans dying of hunger a day.... please repeat... 30,000 a day... My tears were flowing... how dare we allow this!!!!

Toward the end is where I really took to heart what was going on here in our world... Pink Floyd came out.... Roger Waters and David Gilmour were together!!! Never in a million years.... nope Its a dummy... ummm naaaah it is they are together.... what is this... they split and refused for over 20 years to get together, in fact the rumours were that they despised each other!!

They began with Money.... its was really unbelievable, they were together, David on the lead guitar and Roger on the bass.... it was history!

They then went on to "wish you were here" they said these words as the song started.... "this is for those that are not here, we starved them to death, wish you were here"

Bush, Blair, and all the other fattened pigs sat at the table two days later and pledged 55 billion to the starving in Africa..... Mbeki was there and he made sure they understood....guess what??? Bono, Geldof and Midge Ure held his hand and said thanks afterwards... he had helped... its all in black and white... Mbeki was there..... Thabo you have a soul and you made Poverty History!


Blogger angel said...

aaaaaaaaawwwww- you big softie you!
i vaguely remember something about the simultaneous concerts... but being a born skeptic (my son is the hyperactive one) i wonder how much of that money has since made its way to africa...

20 September, 2006 21:52  
Blogger NMOTB said...

That was really a nice post! It is really scary as to what is actually going on out there in the rest of Africa - half of it we are not even aware of! That was a nice post - so you say you cry?.....Mmmm very interesting as there arn't many SA men that will admit to that! :-)

20 September, 2006 21:55  
Blogger Dawn said...

How totally fucking amazing was this event, dude? I watched a lot of it live on the box and it was impossible to hold back the weeping. As you say, the men from Floyd - how can you NOT CRY? I felt so proud that the muso's I have grown up with/to got the fat cats to stand still, shut up and listen for once - and actually DO SOMETHING. I am so pleased that history will look back on our generation and find this event.

21 September, 2006 00:14  
Blogger Shortypam said...

cooks ur such a sweety... all tuogh on the outside but a marshmallow on the inside... this was a truly beautiful post... but i gotta agree with angel and ask the question... did all that money really make it to africa and is it being used as it was intended???

21 September, 2006 08:22  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Angel.... hope all is good..... So your son is hyperactive, to me thats a gift, when he is in the big world soon he wil have that energy that people live off, he will warm a room and probabaly be a leader, most of our present and past leaders were hyperactive. I read in one of your posts that Damien is ADH (think thats what they call it) I am still ADH and one thing I can tell you is that the doctors and all those that named it are all wrong... to me it just meand that the person CHOOSES to listen and concentrate on ehat they feel is relevant, I live by this and it has been my success! He will be great, wait and see!

Nmotb... howdy... hope you feeling a little better. So small world I also live in Midrand. On the crying part, it is true I do cry, to me it reminds my soul when I am happy or I am sad, when one cries it places all that is wrong or good into perspective... men dint cry?? Crap, perhaps thats why most homes are a shambles today as men are just not showing there feeelings.

Dawn, how are you? Well it was amazing the Floyd boys are just class....History was made, but we need to do more... thing is Africa is at the mercy of the G8, but is it really all the G8 fault?

My fab porn Star.... yep a softie when I have to be.. or want to be....I climbed on the net and low and behold they actually have relinquished some monies, all of 12 billion... the plan was to do over 5 years, so they seem on track... the next step is to nullify all the debt the african countries owe the G8 states!

21 September, 2006 10:42  
Blogger Shortypam said...

cooks we gotta go 4 coffee and discuss this porn idea... uv got the business mind
iv got the porno mind
what do u say?

21 September, 2006 11:15  
Blogger Cinderella said...

Great song line up!! Love them all, and great advice as well, thanks for the visit Cookie Monster!! =)

21 September, 2006 16:03  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Coffee... love a good cuppa a java... Im always ready to have a new business especially with talent as yourself... only problem is that i cant go to the south... its really dangerous there... kidding! Cup of java with the porn princess... anytime!

Cinderella... my pleasure and thanks for stopping by...

21 September, 2006 20:13  

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