Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Please Let Me Smash You In The Face!

Had a good weekend... went to watch the game at a pub and had a good chat to all my mates and some I dont really know. I get on with everyone... no really I do, I love people, I love talking,laughing and crying!

Get this woman getting tense with me, I get angry and give her a mouth full.

All her close mates then pipe up and say... oh Cookie you behaving like a policeman, you just cant shake the aggression from you stint in the police!!! My soul and my heart are lying there in the pub in pieces.... Im beat!

I served the people of South Africa with every morsel of passion honor and diligence that I could muster, I have been stabbed (lots that is) I have been shot (three times that is) I have seen horrors that God would shy away from! I served you well, I had the calling to become a policeman, I was at University and got a degree, i had a deep calling to become a policeman... I ended up as one of the top dog handlers in the South Arican Police, I was good, I had honor and I believed in fair justice... my Mother did an astounding job with me!

Do you know what you have just said to me.... I have my own business today... what are you? Oh yea nine to fiver EMPLOYEE! I am what the police taught me, I have street smarts, I question all that is around me, I am a success! Do you really know what you have just said to me?

My body still hurts, perhaps it was your mother that the armed robbers were shooting at, yes it could be your mother that I threw myself with my dog into the line of fire, got pretty messed up that day. I think it was your mother that said thank with tears in her eyes when I was lying in the hospital bed barely able to string two sentences together, probably was your mother.

Was that your brother who got hijacked on that horrible Thursday night in 1997? Remember the guy that chased them through town to get him back to you in one piece, I lost my best mate that day... he went after them whilst they were dragging your brother from the car... he saved you, he really did, I can still see him in my mind today... he died there in my arms..... I took your brother to hospital and then home an hour later... he was happy, Im sure that was your brother.... It then went to Grays home and told his wife, she still hates me today, she blames me for not saving him.... pity he was just 21, but im so very sure he saved your brother that night!

Its in the Bible... for they have swords to protect!

Shame on you. I gave my life to you and your family, you say I am aggressive, no I am not... I am who I am and I have not lived the violence for over 9 years now!

Fuck you!


Blogger Katt said...

I will help you smash their faces in, Cookie! The honest, hard working Boys in Blue deserve more than that.

17 October, 2006 12:25  
Blogger ShutterJane said...

it is a thankless job.. and it is good that their are people willing to do it.

17 October, 2006 12:39  
Blogger Tammy said...

I had a friend who was dating a policeman, can't for the life of me remember his last name, but the horrors he would come home to tell us, the stories of fights in Alexandra, how he could face another day, survive another round, I often wondered about that but know that without people like you and him that South Africa would be the place it is today, lawless, riddled with crime and people living behind high walls fearing for their lives. Thanks for all you did to protect people like me.

17 October, 2006 13:26  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Hey Kat, you found me, will mail you a little later... glad you feel the same.

Shutterjane, well hello, it is thnakless, problem in law enforcement, firefighting and medic work is that it deals with the savage nature of near death, loss and trauma, that brings the ugly side out... whos to blame though?

17 October, 2006 13:27  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

Thanks Tammy... I just feel we tried, I left to make money, I had my time and im very proud of it, I was an english speaking Policemna in SA, its wired for most to understand really...

17 October, 2006 13:31  
Blogger TwoFlower said...

wow - a very moving post you've got here cooks!

i have so much respect for our policemen because i know i would be too scared to do what you did and they do every day of their lives and more often than not you did it for perfect strangers.

so i say good for you cooks!!!

17 October, 2006 14:00  
Blogger Spy Gal said...

Good for you !!

I have so much respect for anyone who serves their country...whether it be police, firemen, armed forces, nurses, paramedics, etc...

These people put their lives on the line EVERYDAY for people they don't know. They sacrifice their family time and unfortunately sometimes their lives in order to do this. I believe that everytime you see someone in uniform, you should say a simple "thank you". I know I have done it many times, and sometimes they look at me and just nod. I guess it's not too often when that happens and I think that should change.
Thank you Cookieeeeeeeeee !!

17 October, 2006 14:41  
Blogger Cinderella said...

Cookster....don't listen to the ignorant for they are a waste of skin.

I have a personal 'thing' for firemen always have but my brother was a police officer for a long time and now he is a detective. Of course I have lots of respect for any line of uniform our fellow Americans ware, and even though you are in South Africa, I have mucho respect for you.

Thanks for the sacrifice you make/made..it's not an easy job but it should be rewarding, sorry that some people are idiots.

*Tosses cookies* =)

17 October, 2006 18:44  
Blogger NMOTB said...

That was an incredible post! I agree with you F**k Them!!!! It is a pity we don't have more people like you in the police force today! The ones that came to our aid the night we were attacked took 2 hours to get there and they were all pissed when they did! Don't get me wrong there are some good guy's out there but for the rest - leaves alot to be desired!

17 October, 2006 20:31  
Blogger mcBlogger said...

I often feel that the people that put their lives on the line every day to protect the people in their community are not given the honor they deserve. it takes a special kind of person willing to do that, and that's you. Bravo and thank you on behalf of the people too ignorant to say thank you themselves.

17 October, 2006 20:47  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

The only Flower on the blog... Yaaay you got that ex of yours love it... Thanks for the kind words, I just feel that after that comment all the old trauma and feelings came back... Oh well I just dont think the SA police are ever going to get over that stigma of " dumb policeman"

Spyyy Gaaaaaal... got some excellent news for you... Im gonna be in the big apple come January, gotta go so some agencies there... hoo hoo. Love the apple! Spy you hit the nail on the head, I mean if all just noticed the Police or fire fighters and so forth and just said "Hey there keep up that good work" it kindles your soul, it makes you work that harder.

Cinderella... howdy....They are all idiots, just self consumed idiots... did ya eat all you cookies?

17 October, 2006 21:05  
Blogger angel said...

aaah- now that i didn't know- that you are one of our country's many unsung heroes!
i hereby award to you my own personal bravery award (for what it's worth), to you and all your fellow protectors of our sad sad land (and i'm NOT including the corrupt fuckers who give the rest of you a bad reputation).
as for agressive... opinionated (aren't we all), proud of yourself (as you should be), very occasionally sweet... but i don't think you've never come across as agressive.

17 October, 2006 21:09  
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18 October, 2006 05:44  
Blogger Katt said...

Cookie, I think you should use some of your supposed aggro on Askintoo! Please! Pretty please!

18 October, 2006 10:10  
Blogger Revolving Credit said...

Cooks, just simply put, Thank You!

18 October, 2006 10:26  
Blogger Champagne Heathen said...

Cooks - thanks so much for sharing this post and big hug and smooching thanks for serving us for a good deal of your life!

18 October, 2006 11:43  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

ASS-kinstoo....read slowly..F-U-C-K O-F-F!

18 October, 2006 19:16  
Blogger Cookie Monster said...

There you have it Katt.... was geat chatting earlier, you are one smart cookie.. hee hee...

Angel... Spot on, it just got so bad, I found we were arresting half our "buddies" for corruption... its really selling your soul if you sit down quietly and think about it!

Hey NMOTB... whats cooking? Well I have to agree, let me gues they were the local police station guys? Yep thats the point, they just have no scruples, then again we have to ask why they were drunk, were they trying to finf answers to there woes at the bottom of the bottle?

Mackey... It is all about honour, I mean where do we guys that served really find the energy to deal, well perhaps it was those few thank yous that we got.

Uncle Rev... thanks Bro!

Champs, thanks to you... you also have a very thankless job trying to combat Aids... hat off to you!

18 October, 2006 19:27  

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